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Belgrade, November 7th, 2016 - Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said that over 100 kilometers of roads were built during the term of this government, with the expectation that another 200 km of roads will be opened by the end of the mandate.

In an interview with Radio-Television Serbia (RTS), Vucic said that we need to develop the construction industry in order to achieve the best possible results.

During the conversation when it came to the highway from Ljig to Prelina, he explained that this road was made accordig to world standards and in the first three hours since the release, more than 2000 vehicles, has passed in both directons.

Three more sections are still need to be done, two of which have already been agreed with the Chinese company "Shandong", the prime minister explained, adding that Obrenovac-Ub, Lajkovac-Lig and Obrenovac-Surcin are under the question.

Vucic announced that a section of Corridor 10 from Proseka to Bantsarevo, with the length of 12 kilometers, will be opened in ten days, as the section Pirot-Dimitrovgrad.

He expressed the expectation that the rest of the road will be completed in less than a year, adding that the therefore insists on the construction of the Nish-Prishtina highway, because Nish would become the center of the region.

The next year, he added, the project of the highway Novi Sad-Ruma-Shabats will be completed, after which the construction of this road will begin.

At the same time, the Prime Minister specified that at this time we have a surplus of 34.3 million euros, but we planned to have a deficit.

The Serbian Parliament has announced that this year we have 122 billion dinars, or 1 billion euros of deficit. With what the IMF was pleased. At the moment we have a surplus of 34.3 million euros, and we paid all the interests, the hardest ones, in March, July and October, he said.

According to him, all debts, including 100 million euros to the London Club, and 20 million euros to our banks were settled without any delay.

Public debt is in nominal terms for 240 million less than in 2012, th prime minister pointed out, and noted thatboth the IMF and the World Bank estimate that public debt is under the control.

Also, as he added, as of January of the next year, 74 percent of pensioners will be higher than they had ever had.

Increasing salaries in the public sector in some categories will bring 36,000 to 40,000 dinars higher earnings annually, which is what the state can really allocate, while everything else is in the realm of promises that can not be realized in real terms.

Vucic pointed out that the increase of pensions from 1.5 to 1.7 percent, public sector salaries by 5.2 percent on average, one-time payments of five to six thousand dinars to pensioners, and an increase in the minimum is only possible through the fact that we have healthy public finance.