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Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to inform you that the Serbian Post Office has introduced money transfer services with foreign countries on the basis of contracts concluded with the postal administrations of France, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, using softer Universal Postal Union.
The service is intended for all citizens who live or are temporarily working abroad, who wish to send money to Serbia.
In order to facilitate the transfer of remittances, which are directed to individuals below inform you about the benefits of these services:
- Maximal availability in more than 1,200 post office, which covered the entire territory of the country;
- Simplicity of sending and receiving money-no additional documentation only with a valid identification document and without obligation opening a bank account,
- money is available for the payment of a rule on the same day and at the latest within 2 working days depending on the country;
- secure transmission over a secure network Universal Postal Union (
Mail Serbia will thus soon enable connectivity with other countries: Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Portugal.
The reasons that led the Serbian Postal Service to develop a modern service of international money transfer services are:
- as the public and the socially responsible company, it is necessary to develop modern services according to the needs of citizens and contributes to the development of the country,
- Every year about five billion dollars inflow in Serbia, just on the basis of remittances from the diaspora, which accounts for about 14 percent of the gross domestic product of the country.
The Republic of Serbia is among the top of 15 countries in terms of volume of remittances,
- one of the goals of the Strategy of preserving and strengthening relations between the mother country and the diaspora and the mother country and Serbs in the region is to improve the transfer of money and create a climate that will be conducive to attracting foreign remittances in the home country financial system, so as to facilitate the transfer of foreign currency remittances by encouraging cheaper, faster and safer ways of delivery of remittances.
- that most of the remittances from the diaspora carries by illegal / informal channels and that why it is necessary to introduce them in the legal financial flows. This fact is supported by an expert study of the European Union Terence Donovan of formal and alternative ways to transfer money (made within Moly Project), which showed that about 83% of all international transfers carried out through informal channels.
For information about the prices, transfer deadlines, payment currencies, limits for sending and receiving, additional services, as well as the necessary data for the out-payment call +381 11 3644 745, send an e-mail to or visit site:

Milan Krkobabić