Printer Friendly Version Greetings letter to the Serbian Olympic Committee @ 2 March 2015 10:55 AM

To Mr. Vlade Divach

Congratulations on the 105th anniversary to all sports associations, clubs, sports organizations, all athletes, to Vlade Divach, Chairman of the Serbian Olympic Committee, to Secretary Shoshtar.
It is symbolic that the establishment of the Olympic Committee of Serbia, on 23 February 1910, under the name of Serbian Olympic Club, at the hotel Moskva in Belgrade, historically associated with the initiative of the young officers of the Kingdom of Serbia trained just in France, where the Olympic movement have started.
In just two years, the club has got a name that is still recognizable around the world - the Olympic Committee of Serbia.
Since, from 1912, our athletes participating in the Olympics.
This year, our athletes will participate at the First European sport Games that will be held from 12-28 June in Baku, Azerbaijan.
We are here to support you all, and looking forward for every athlete's participation in the contest and each medal, which you will earn.
Happy Anniversary and good time in Baku.
We are waiting for you.

Neboysha Rodich